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I am basking in publication of my first novel, THE BALANCE OF JUSTICE - The Story of the Utica Street Car Murder of 1872. The book is, in essence, the story of Josephine McCarty.

Josephine's long buried tale fell into my lap in the form of an 1872 newspaper, while serving as president of the Limestone Ridge Historical Society in Oriskany Falls, NY. Uncovering the full extent of her story became a game of hid and seek research that ultimately revealed a woman of brilliance and courage, and one of most astounding characters of the 19th century. Yet, the issues that plagued her 140 years ago continue to make headlines with the media today.

I am a writer in love with history, but there are other sides to my character that beg mentioning. I am an artist and retired as Director of Records and Research for Development at Utica College.

For thirty years my husband and I owned and operated a thoroughbred breeding and racing stable. Horses often trot into my writing. They are a passion inherited from my Irish ancestors.

I hold an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from Mohawk Valley Community College '89 and a Bachelor of Studio Art from Hamilton College '92.

Six children and thirteen grandchildren add life and spice to my days on a regular basis.

Selected Works

Historical Fiction
The novel offers a glimpse into history via the 1872 murder trial of a woman who shot a man on a horse drawn street car in Utica NY.
Childrens Book
Sand Castle Poetry highlights every day thoughts and action enjoyed by children from all segments of society.

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