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A woman's indictment for murder in the death of a man on a horse drawn street car in Utica NY seemed an open and shut case for hanging. But when the Governor and State Attorney general offered special assistance to the prosecution they initiated doubt.

Josephine's long buried tale fell into my lap in the form of an 1872 newspaper. Uncovering the full extent of her story became a game of hid and seek research that ultimately revealed a woman of brilliance and courage, and one of most astounding characters of the 19th century. Yet, the issues that plagued her 140 years ago continue to make headlines with the media today.


Why did the NYS Governor and his State Attorney General feel it necessary to send assistance to a prosecutor for a trial that seemed headed for a conviction?

Why did Josephine drop her resistance to Milton Thomson?

Why did she openly admit the parentage on her two youngest children while harboring facts on their older brother ?

Sand Castle Poetry (1992)
A book of children's rhymes and illustrations, highlighting thoughts and actions enjoyed by children from all segments of society.


Won the 32nd Annual Genesee Valley PennySaver Pen-a-Poem Contest in 2017: "The Trunk"

Prizewinning Finalist 2016 Saturday Evening Post Fiction Contest: "Five in the Fifth"

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Historical Fiction
The novel offers a glimpse into history via the 1872 murder trial of a woman who shot a man on a horse drawn street car in Utica NY.
Childrens Book

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